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    Price of all products includes shipping

    All orders (except gift certificates) are shipped Federal Express Priority Overnight.  Guaranteed delivery by noon the following day (unless in very rural area).  Orders cannot be delivered on Sundays or Mondays.  Saturday delivery available in most parts of the USA - please call 1-800-486-7029 to check on delivery availability in your area.  All Saturday deliveries subject to an additional $20.00 charge.

    There is no shipping available for the following holidays:  Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Please call to check delivery dates available.

    Adverse weather conditions in any part of the country through which your package must be routed may delay delivery. SORRY!   Fedex WILL NOT REFUND MONEY DUE TO WEATHER RELATED DELAYS.  Therefore, Port Lobster is unable to refund your money due to weather delays..  We keep informed regarding weather conditions to the best of our ability.  You should contact us to reschedule if your have concerns regarding weather conditions in your area.  PLEASE provide us with a telephone number so we can reach you if we become aware of a potentiial delivery problem on the day of a scheduled shipment.

    PLEASE NOTE:  Due to frequency of Credit Card fraud, all orders over $350 require verbal confirmation from Port Lobster Co., Inc.